Global Music Award for Album and Composer

The Electroclarinet album was awarded two silver medals in the Global Music Awards 2018, in both categories Contemporary Classical Album and Composition/Composer. Global Music Awards is a merit based competition. Submissions go through a multi-layered judging process including listener impact, technical quality, uniqueness and styling. The judges look for emotional communication, the ability to transcend, to make the listener experience something that is new and compelling.

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Music for clarinet & live electronics

Jean-Francois Charles started composing and performing the Electroclarinet series in 2009; he has played these works in China, France, Finland, and the United States. The album features each of the six clarinets with live electronics, from the small Eb clarinet to the classical Bb clarinet to Mozart's cherished basset horn to the exuberant contrabass clarinet. Jean-Francois Charles has performed with classical, jazz, and other sound artists, from Maurice Merle to Douglas Ewart, from Gozo Yoshimasu to Karlheinz Stockhausen; you will hear all of these influences in the Electroclarinet album. In four of the featured works, Charles pays homage to the spirit of freedom, theater and adventure that animated four great composers: Claude Debussy, Olivier Messiaen, Igor Stravinsky and Carl Maria von Weber. Jean-Francois Charles creates at the crossroads of music and technology. From his work with poet Ruth Lepson and flutist Mario Caroli (Live Saturation, 2009) to the 52 minute collaborativ…